Historical and artistic itineraries
We recommend a visit to the Villa Comunale resplendent in 1600: Villa Durazzo. Immersed in a beautiful park overlooking the waterfront full of statues, frescoes, trompe-l oeil, and much more. Equipped with a pleasant coffee house open all year.
Located at the foot of the hill on which stands the famous villa Durres-centrurione, lies the castle of Santa Margherita dating 1550. It was designed by Antonio de Carabo, the same year that created the Castle of Rapallo.
Not to be missed is the ancient abbey La Cervara, dating back to 1361. The first populated by Benedictine monks, to whom we owe the enormous prestige reached across Europe.
In Rapallo you can visit the castle, built overlooking the sea. Used as a prison during the seventeenth century, was restored in 1963, and currently hosts exhibitions and cultural events. Rapallo is always possible to visit the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle Christi. Ancient monastery's list of the thirteenth-century Italian national monuments.
Links: www.villadurazzo.it - www.cervara.it
From Santa Margherita are easily reached by boat Portofino, San Fruttuoso, Camogli, Recco, Cinque Terre, as well as Rapallo, Genoa and Chiavari.
Excursions and walks
Hiking on Mount Portofino olive groves, chestnut trees, flower gardens and magnificent views.
For fans of the Labter organizes courses birds birdwatching.
For more information, visit:
www.parcoportofino.it www.outdoorportofino.com
For diving enthusiasts we recommend the Portofino Divers, an authorized diving tours in the Marine Reserve of Portofino, and the Big Blue Diving
At 5 km you will find the golf club and tennis Rapallo, horse riding and swimming pool.